Older news …

Older news …

Just posted some footage from Imogen’s performance at First Avenue
Live on the Speak For Yourself tour. Too good not to share! Including
Headlock, Speeding Cars, Come Here Boy, Hide and Seek and more…Enjoy

New clip with Jason Kanakis (The Hotel Cafe Tour) on the beauty of the guitar

First music fan made video for Map the Music!! Thanks so much to Mark

Densley for putting this together!! Awesome. xx

Amanda Palmer tweeted the link to my latest clip. Exciting! Love her.

I am hoping to sit down with her sometime soon and chat about why

music matters. Also working on possible interviews with Linda Perry (4

Non Blondes/Pink) and Lisa Loeb…fingers crossed…  xx

Wonderful article on how and why I made Map the Music. A huge thank

you to Campus Circle Magazine!


New footage with Amanda Palmer up now! Probably the most last minute

crazy gig I have ever shot, but one of the most fun for sure. She is

awesome and this proves it:

We are mapping YOUR music!! Literally. There is a map. What musicians

have you seen and where? Add them to our google map!

There are now copies of Map the Music in Israel, Japan, Australia, all
over the UK, Netherlands, all over the USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Portugal,
Finland, Mexico, Tanzania, France, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, South
Africa and Poland
that we know of!

Map the Music is selling well and I wanted to share with you the new artwork included in the 2nd Edition. It features many of the music lovers who supported my little film from the beginning, and I am so excited to have them as part of it all!

Just got back from a trip to Northern California to see the brilliant Zoe Keating perform. Her music was a huge part of the inspiration for the film, so I wanted to put this piece together for her to say thank you. Here is Zoe’s “Optimist” set to a few different settings I find to be optimistic. Hope you like it!

Even Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas are checking out
Map the Music…(I am a huge dork for doing this. I realize that. But
I did it anyway.) The second edition DVD is available to order now on
www.Insound.com and would be a great gift for anyone who loves music.
Wink Wink.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

The first edition release of Map the Music is SOLD OUT!! Thank you so very much to everyone who bought a copy. Due to the wonderful response we have had so far, we will be releasing a second edition!! More copies are on their way and available to purchase on www.Insound.com soon. Very excited about this. Details soon!

With only 19 copies of the first edition of Map the Music left available to purchase on Insound.com, looks like we will be selling out of the DVD very soon! Thank you so very much to everyone who has picked up a copy, and we are planning our next move as we speak. To celebrate this great news I have posted some brand new footage with Tori Amos from her recent show in Amsterdam….A tribute not only to Tori, but to all of the wonderful people who love her music!

Tori Amos has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. So of course I had to get her in on Map the Music! I told her about my little film about 3 years ago and have been looking forward to handing her a completed copy for what seems like forever. I was lucky enough to travel to Amsterdam to see her play with a full orchestra and finally made it happen before the show. She said I was a true filmmaker now…a precious memory I will have for the rest of my life!

Tori Amos

Tori Amos

Tori Amos

Words cannot describe how I feel now that my little film is out in the world and people are actually watching it – which is why I have been listening to A LOT of music lately. It really blows my mind to be honest. I always knew, deep down in the pit of my stomach, that people could and would relate to my story. We have all suffered loss – whether it be loss of a parent, friend, lover or any relationship…music is here to help. This film was initially inspired by the loss of my father, but after I went out on the road and started meeting music lovers and artists from around the world…I knew it was no longer just about me. It was about all of us. All of us who have come together in celebration of MUSIC – an art, a higher expression of communication and humanity, and a healing weapon that should not in any way be a secret one.

My absolute hope and dream while making this film was that it could help people…remind us all of the power of music, and reassure us that we are all in this thing called life together.

Big Love,


ps – I still cry when I watch that particular scene (for those of you who have seen it you know what I mean) so I am so moved that a lot of you are too. xxoo

Map the Music released today on Insound.com!

Never thought this day would come. So grateful and excited!! This first release is limited to 300 copies – every copy signed and numbered, and hand painted tour photos inside. I am incredibly proud of not only the film itself, but the packaging and artwork. Can’t wait for you to see it!

Sam goes on tour with MTM Artists Kate Havnevik and Levi Weaver!


Map the Music is NOW available to pre-order on DVD at Insound.com, and will be released September 7th!! Can’t wait for you guys to see it, and thank you so much for your support over the past few years while I figured out how to get it out into the world.

Preorder here >>

For 4 years I pushed forward with this film not knowing if I would actually find a way to finish it…Until now. Being able to give the very first copy (with artwork and all) to Immi while on her latest tour was a huge moment in my life. So grateful. TAKE RISKS in your life everyone!! xx

First copy of Map the Music for Imogen Heap

First copy of Map the Music for Imogen Heap

Map the Music soon to be released on Amazon.com!! The DVD is finished and ready to go! We are just waiting to confirm the release date. Details to be announced soon. In the meantime, please have a look at MTM’s new Tumblr blog – complete with photos and updates!


Sam was recently asked to be a guest blogger on a wonderful website about why music matters! Have a look and feel free to leave your thoughts. Why does music matter to you?


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Map the Music goes indie!!

MTM has recently been licensed with Hello My Name Is Records – an independent record label based in Los Angeles. We are just now working on the DVD packaging as well as fine tuning our marketing campaign…

More details to be announced soon!

We are still waiting to hear back from several festivals, but in the meantime we are exploring various means of getting Map the Music out there for you all to see. Turns out it is a very long process! Thank you so much for your support, and if you would like to help us spread the word please contact Samantha or Cristina. We appreciate all the emails filled with kind words you have already sent, and keep ‘em coming!



Map the Music is also under consideration for the Slamdance and Ann Arbor Film Festivals.

Map the Music has been submitted to The Sundance and Santa Barbara Film Festivals, and is currently being considered to compete in both. More news on that to come soon.

The last final artist to be involved with MTM has just been confirmed. We are thrilled to have exclusive footage of Tori Amos in the film!! Tori has been a huge inspiration to me for many, many years and I am beyond excited about it!
Hope everyone is well and more to come soon!!


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We are almost there!!! My amazing editor and friend Trent Ward and I have been locked away in the studio getting closer and closer to having the film finished. It may take a little bit of time to get all of that clearance mumbo jumbo taken care of, but we are on our way. Thank you for sticking by us and here is a little clip for you to enjoy :)

Hey All,

I can’t believe its 2009! Have we all made our New Year’s resolutions? Well I made a promise to myself and to you guys this year that I intend to keep…to get MTM finished! Unfortunately we have had some technical difficulties that have set us back a bit. Editing the feature has proven to be quite the time consumer. Lisa has done some wonderful work on the project…but I am very excited to bring another editor on board to really get this film done! Things always take way longer than you think when it comes to things like albums and films and things like that. Please don’t forget about us and wish us luck in this New Year! I always say things happen for a reason, so I am thinking MTM will be done when its done at just the right time. Which hopefully will be as soon as humanly possible of course :)

I am just so grateful to all of you who are excited for the film and it really did hit me pretty hard that Lisa was not able to show you more this year. But I WILL finish this damn thing of it kills me. I say that with love of course. I am brining in a few new people to see this baby through so I am really happy about that! I may even be doing some more filming to make the story even more diverse and awesome. Hooray for new blood!

Keep MTM in your thoughts and kick some ass this year,


Samantha launches a new production company – Shock Me Sane Productions.


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