Note from Director on the Film’s Progress

Note from Director on the Film’s Progress

Hi everyone!! Hope you are all well..

Wanted to let you know where I am at with MTM 2…everything is on track and my editor and I working away. Adam is working on the footage we already have and we are planning to have a rough cut in October or November. The majority of filming is completed, but I am still adding artists and other awesome people like scientists who can comment on how music affects our brains. I am working hard to make this film bigger and better than the first. And what I mean by that is I want to involve more people and more genres of music and more locations. The connection between love and music is a big theme to explore, so I want ┬áto make the most of it. I am also including footage of my journey with life and love since starting work on this film. I feel pretty vulnerable, but think it will add so much to the film. Plus there are a few artists I am still waiting to interview, so that is what might delay the completion of the film. One artist I am working on (hint she was a huge a part of the first film) might not be available until early next year. But I think it would be worth the wait right?!

Anyway, we should have a new and even better trailer together within the next couple months. I can’t wait to show you. We have added SO much footage since the first teaser!