MTM goes European

MTM goes European

Hi there!

I just got back from a quick trip trip to Belgium, where I hit the jackpot of  ”Man on the Street” interviews…

My friends and I were staying in Brussels, where all I had to to is step outside of my hotel to find people from all over the world admiring the beautiful architecture in Grand Place.

At first it was hard to find people who spoke English, or who were not intimidated by my camera, but once people started to open up it was incredible! I spoke with people from Belgium, Holland, South Africa, Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong, France and more! It was really touching to hear that when I asked people from so many different cultures about music and love, all of their faces lit up as they talked about how the feel about the two. I had an obnoxious smile from ear to ear the whole time. Love and music are EVERYWHERE.

I caught a couple Tori Amos shows while I was there, which were incredible. She played with a full orchestra, and it was wonderful to see her and update her on the progress of the film. Even though we unfortunately couldn’t schedule a sit down interview (long story,) I got some wonderful performance footage that will go nicely with my interview with John Phillip Shenale (who did all the arrangements for her orchestra performance.) But I did get to give her a copy of my children’s book, “Sparkle’s Song,” which she made me sign for her! The little yellow songbird was inspired by one of her lyrics, so I wanted to share that with her. It was a great moment.

Oh and a few days before I left I got to say hello to Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman and give them an update on the film. They are such a beautiful couple. So full of love.

So everything is moving along with the film, and we are hoping to have a rough cut by November. We are just about finished filming, but there are a a couple artists I am still trying to get an interview with. It always takes following up, and then following up some more, and then following up again to get these interviews…so fingers crossed. I was hoping to have the film completed by the end of the year, but it may be early next year if I manage to get these last two artists…fingers crossed.

Ok, thats all I have for now, but more soon. I will be in touch with you, and I hope you will be in touch with me ;)

Sam xxoo