Ladies Rise Up and Rock in San Francisco!!

Ladies Rise Up and Rock in San Francisco!!

Hey everyone!

Oh my goodness we are so close to having the film completed I can taste it. As you know, everything takes longer than you think it will when it comes to anything artistic. The holidays slowed us down a bit, and my editor got engaged!! Very happy for him. How exciting is it that while working on a movie about he love…he finds it. The official trailer should be ready in February, and I will post it as soon as its ready!

In other news…I haven’t posted much about it here, but I am also a stand up comedian. And I have many jokes about musicians ha. I was asked to host an amazing event in San Francisco on March 23rd, called Ladies Rise Up and Rock. Its an evening celebrating women in music and there are some incredible ladies on the bill. I have never hosted a show like this before, so I am very excited!!

Tickets are available here, and I hope to see you there!!

Sam xxoo