Kickstarter – YOU make MTM 2!

Kickstarter – YOU make MTM 2!

Hi!Well, I’m making another film! (Insert nerves here) This time it will focus on the connection between
music and love…Why are so many songs written about love? Why do we
hear songs differently when we are in love or have a broken heart?

I wanted to share with you the promo, and invite you to be a part of it
if you would like.

I hope to tour with many more artists and interview many more fans, so
I decided to start a kickstarter to help make it possible. I would be
so grateful for your help in spreading the word through facebook and
twitter. And check out the MTM goodies!

Hope to see you at shows or in front of my camera for an
interview. See you on the road perhaps?Oh and Map the Music premieres on
The Documentary Channel on Thanksgiving Thursday November 24th at 8pm ;)