Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Lets be honest. I thought I would have the film finished by now. But if there is anything the last year has taught me, its patience. Better to wait for the right people to have your art made the way you see it, rather than rushing through it to reach the end goal sooner. It truly is about the journey.

Good news is I found the most amazing sound designer who is going to do wonders for the film. Only catch is we have to work around his work schedule. He currently is working on Law and Order, so this guy knows what he is doing and we are lucky he is able to help at all! Also the brilliant Levi Weaver is finishing up the score, and we have a graphics artist in the mix also. So hopefully everyone will be able to finish soon, and we can get this film out to the festival circuit. But, one of the hardest parts for me is the music rights…and I have that all under control so thats amazing and I’m grateful for that.

I hope everyone has an amazing 2014 and we will talk more soon.