Almost there…

Almost there…

Hi there!

So everything is moving along nicely with MTM 2, and my editor, Adam, and I are very happy with how this film is turning out. I was originally hoping to have it completed by the end of the year, but even I underestimated just how ambitious I would be with this one. It was incredibly important to me not to make the same film (MTM 1) over again just with different artists, so I am really pushing myself to go further. I would like to think I have grown as an artist and as a person since making the first one, and the honest truth is it will be VERY different. On the one hand I am pretty nervous about that, but on the other I am very excited to show you.

I can’t say that its actually a problem, but the problem is we have TOO much good footage that we want to use, and we are spending hours upon hours to pull the very best of the best. So it may be an extra few months before I am ready to put my little film baby out into the world. Not to mention we are including more music and performances this time, so it may take some time to make sure we get all the rights. And of course there is the financial element. As soon as the official trailer is cut – which will be within the next month or two, I will be applying for finishing grants and seeing about another possible fundraiser. Documentaries can be expensive to make, and very difficult to profit from, but that is not why I am doing it. All I care about is finishing this film and being proud of it!