Want to make your own “Map the Music?”

“Map YOUR music” – a new collaboration from music lovers around the world.

Here is what you need to be a part of it :

  • A love of music. Particularly going to see live shows.
  • A video camera. Doesn’t have to be fancy. iPhone/Flip cam etc would work
  • A interest in why other people love music as much as you do.

Here is what you do :

Pick an artist you love who has a show coming up. Do what I did. Go up to people in line at the concert and ask them what music means to them. How does it help them in their lives? Why are they excited to see the artist they are about to see. How many times have they seen them and where are they from? Where would they be without music? Or come up with your own music themed questions. If you are at a smaller venue and you see some of the musicians hanging out and talking to people go up to them and ask them if they would be kind of enough to answer on camera about why they decided devote their life to music. And if you want to get fancy you can edit in clips of the performing. Get creative and make it up as you go along like I did!

Email me with your footage!


I think together we could make an amazing piece about why MUSIC MATTERS to be included in a new project, or in the third edition
release of Map the Music depending on how many submissions we get. I uploaded a clip with Adam Lambert fans as an example of what you could do.

This is OUR film. Lets start a music movement. You in?



What people are saying about Map the Music:

What people are saying about Map the Music

Your film is amazing. Through teary eyes, it reminds me of why I started writing music and now I love it even more. Thank you SO much.”

– Ben Mautner, NY, NY

“I just watched Map The Music with and I loved it so much! What you have accomplished is incredible and you have captured the feelings of so many people towards music in your film. It was both funny and emotional and just overall AWESOME!! :) Your courage was so inspiring and you definitely have a talent for film making (not to mention a brilliant taste in music!!). Thank you so much for making this film, I feel so privileged to have seen it!”

– Lizzy Pearce, New South Wales, Australia

“Watching Map the Music for the first time was such an experience. Seeing people talking about music with the same feelings I have, was very special.

– Jorge Candas Romero, Madrid, Spain

“Now I’m watching Map the Music…and I’m crying.

– Aaron, Nashville, TN

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this film and telling your story. I never felt I belonged anywhere until I started going to shows.”

– Helen Hedberg, Philadelphia, PA

“Just got Map the Music. It made me feel so special I took and uploaded a picture. Amazing and powerful. I cried. Thank you for this. I am going to get so many people to watch this.”

– Andrew Close, Denver, CO

“Here was a woman with the most amazing taste in music doing what she wanted to do, making up her own adventure as she went, pursuing her own dreams after a tragic loss. I was so in awe of what she’d done, what she’d worked on, who she’d met, and her sheer determination toward it all. What you’ve done, Sam, it’s so inspiring, and everyday it makes me feel that much more special when I listen to my favourite music. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for what you’ve done, and what you’ve made possible. You’ve brought so many people closer to artists than they ever thought possible, you’ve given so many people such an amazing gift with this.”

– Taylor Jackson, New South Wales, Australia

“I thought I could watch the first 15 min and leave the rest for tomorrow. No way. You took me on quite a journey there. You are stronger and more fragile than I could have imagined.”

Alex Portocarrero, Woodland Hills, CA

“I totally relate to your story…actually I have to thank you for this”

– Mounir, Aurillac, France

“I am very grateful you have put your heart and soul out there. With all the social media now, a collective humanity appears. LOVE your movie. It really hits on all the right themes! Where’s the tissue box? It’s so good and so very intense, we had to take a break because I was weeping during the healing discussion. Had to dry my eyes for a bit before finishing it. Wow.”

– Abby Mason, Vancouver, WA

“Just finished watching “Map the Music!” What an amazing journey and accomplishment for you! You introduced me to artists I’d never heard of. I’m going to iTunes next. This was unique and life affirming way to honor your Dad.”

– Rene Pena, Los Angeles, CA

“I watched MtM last night and LOVED it! I can completely relate to the experiences…what music means to me. I loved the interviews and behind the scenes footage. Very well put together! Bravo! Now I want to see MtM2. ;-)

– Leon Shaner, Detroit, MI

“You make my heart smile, and fill my soul with some kind of warmness; through Your strength and will. You are really amazing.”

– Anna Timea, Debrecen, Hungary

“JUST got my MTM DVD!!! I am SO excited! You have truly made a beautiful piece of art and are an inspiration, for this, I thank you from the very core of my being.”

– Candace Truesdell, Loma Linda, CA

“But seriously, words can’t even describe how amazing it all is. I’m going to absolutely cherish Map the Music, and take it with me wherever I end up. Thank you for making something real, something we can relate to, something that explores the people and the music we love :)

– Taylor Jackson, New South Wales, Australia

“Map the music ruled. I may have cried.”

– Kevin Pence, Bowling Green, OH

“I watched the movie today. It’s really good, Sam. This comes from a guy who watches a LOT of movies, including documentaries. Maybe it’s because I know you personally, but I did tear up, and I hardly ever cry at movies. Watching you break down was heartbreaking, and made me grateful for what I have. Your dad seemed like a wonderful man who loved you more than anything.”

- Jared Shipley, Salt Lake City, UT

“I actually cried. I’m only 10:30 into it…but that feeling I get when I am walking across school campus, blaring music through my headphones…and I can just close my eyes & smile and it takes me to a different world…and nothing…NOTHING..could bring me down…I always thought I was crazy. But people out there get it. I am so glad you made this Sam.”

– Ashley Marie Jensen, Simi Valley, CA
“Just watched the best documentary I ever saw about music, thank you Samantha for making it!!! It deeply touched me. Music is so much for me. Music helps me live the life I am living. I’m in a wheelchair and have many more troubles but with the strength I get out of music I can survive.”

- Tim Kroesbergen, Zevenaar, Netherlands

“Okay, well I saw it… Can’t tell you the size of my grins when Imogen came up on my screen…got a bit choked up also…also in the end. I never thought Imogen would bring so much relief when I saw her… anyways… I LOVED IT, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, ALL THE WORDS IN THE BOOK…probably the same ones I’d use to describe Imogen herself. Thank you so much for explaining what’s so hard for some people to get… ”

- Marfa M., Dallas, TX

“Simply wonderful. I loved it more than words could ever convey. It hit close to home for me because I lost my Dad to a heart attack as well. And music has helped me immensely. It was a form of therapy, in what was a time in my life where i felt numb and undeserving. The beats, the melodies, the lyrics, made me feel alive. Like I have said before, it makes you feel whole again when it feels like a piece of you is missing. It’s what I knew. What I felt. What I learned. But not only can music help heal a wounded spirit, it can make friendships.”

– Scarlette Lindsay Lopez, Houston, TX

“I was completely blown away by the final few minutes. I was actually in floods of tears with you. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Such a whirlwind of emotions in your film Samantha. I found myself laughing so much, listening so much, being inspired, being distraught. I feel there is still so much more to come from your journey and adventures – I wonder if you will document them again in this way? your rapport with all of the artists in the film was wonderful but I especially loved how you and Immi were with each other. What a gem!”

– Rachel, Glasgow, UK

“Your film moved me a lot .. and I am ever so slightly different after watching it.. Thank you…”

– Steve Bricknell, West Sussex, UK
“I watched your film today and I cried throughout it especially at the end when you spoke about your Dad, I miss my Dad too. its strange how things happen in life cuz music has always been there for me and im glad you made this film cuz talking w/you and watching this film has helped me during this time when i really needed it. i am so sorry your lost your dad but your experience has helped me get through my own loss just like songs do.”

– Anne Arruda, New Bedford, MA

“The trailer for the film not only gave me chills but almost made me cry because like the one lady said “It just feels like home”. — Rebecca

“Hey I watched MTM the day I got it. I was in tears. Music is also very personal to me. I grew up in foster care and was never really attached to anyone or anything until I got adopted when i was 13. My serious heartache started there. After the film was over I walked out the door and walked for 4 hours. I couldn’t stay still or decide whether to laugh or cry. Thank you so much. You’re an amazing person who’s been through a lot and I’m so glad you decided to make this beautiful film.”

– Maria Herr, Charlotte, NC

“Hi! I just wanted to tell you that what you are doing is something that means so much to so many people. Bringing out the fact that MUSIC IS MAGICAL! I’d love to meet you someday in person just to hug you.”

– Ronny Robinson, Chicago, IL

“I received the DVD, watched it, loved it, and will watch it again soon.

It was moving to hear about your dad. I’m sure he’s proud of what you’ve achieved with the film! I encountered a similar situation with my dad a few months ago, and your story is a reminder that I should appreciate the time that he has left. ”

- Mark Carpenter, Inverness, United Kingdom

“I thought it was well organized, great interview segments, but above all else is the raw emotion that both went in from you and that came out that you elicited from the viewer (or at least that was my feeling). I honestly wanted to give you a big hug by the end of the DVD because it truly reached on a very emotional level (and yes I did shed some tears as well.)”

– Joseph Husk, West Hills, CA

“I just felt like answering the question: Music takes me to a place of comfort when outside everything hurts! Some singer/songwriters’ voices and lyrics touch my heart and say what I”M feeling at that moment/what I need to hear, and it’s magically human to connect. Thanks for your shared creativity!!”

– Diana Curbelo, Miami, FL

“Got Map the Music in the mail today. It’s amazing. You’re amazing.”

– Elwood Cruz, Orange, CA

“I don’t think I
 can say this about any another film. This film IS music! Absolutely
 brilliant start to finish! Honestly NEVER seen anything like it before.

- Jonanthan Boover, New Orleans, LA


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