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Map the Music

Fueled by a deep connection to music and live performances, music lover Samantha Hale sets out on a road trip following Imogen Heap and several other artists close to her heart, documenting the overwhelming influence music can have over individuals. With a shoestring budget and little expectations, she sets out with her camera to explore the power of music as it connects artists to their fans. Map the Music features behind the scenes moments, interviews and performances from Imogen Heap, Cary Brothers, Zoe Keating, Rachael Yamagata, Jim Bianco, Kate Havnevik, Tracy Bonham, Charlotte Martin, and many more.

The limited first edition DVD of the Map the Music sold out soon after it’s release, and the second edition is available now on www.Insound.com

The film premiered on The Documentary Channel on Thanksgiving of 2011.


Map the Music 2: Love Letters

After taking a chance on love and recovering from heartbreak, music lover and now filmmaker Samantha Hale sets out to explore the connection between music and love, and why so many songs are inspired by it. Following along with some of her favorite artists, and talking with people from all walks of life, she tries to uncover the mystery of what that connection truly is. Artists include Amanda Palmer, Joshua Radin, Lissie, William Fitzsimmons, Civil Twilight, Zoe Keating, Charlotte Martin, Brother Sal, John Philip Shenale, Levi Weaver, Chris Pierce and more. With performances from Tori Amos, The Hells Belles Burlesque, SHEL, and more.


Team Map the Music

Samantha Hale (MTM Creator) :

Filmmaker, stand up comedian, author, and fervent explorer of why music matters. Having never been to film school, she is incredibly grateful to have had her first film premiere on the Documentary Channel, and is currently working on her second feature on the connection between music and love. After releasing her first film, she was given to the opportunity to write a children’s book, called “Sparkle’s Song,” about a little girl who finds the light in the darkness by stumbling into a magic forest where instruments can talk. When not working on her films, she is on the stage telling jokes (about musicians among other things) and has performed in venues such as The Hollywood Improv, The San Francisco Regency Ballroom, and the World Famous Comedy Store among others.

Trent Ward (MTM 1 Editor and Additional Cinematography):

He is a brilliant filmmaker who was too shy to write up a bio.

Adam Buck (MTM 2 Editor and Additional Cinematography):

He is also a brilliant filmmaker who was too shy to write up a bio.


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